How to Draw – A Drawing a Day

Since deciding to embark on this new quest of a year long visual diary, I have decided that the gap I have is drawing so I plan on drawing for 10 minutes every single day and sharing those images to progression, with the primary goal of how to draw documented.  Since I think I am awful at drawing and my perception rarely matches the intended this is a fearful expedition.  However technically I can write cursive very very well so if I can do cursive, then I can draw is the idea.  Please feel free to join along on this quest of a drawing a day.  Use the #ivbncrafting to tag me so I can see if sharing on social media.


Visual Diary – Week 1

Step 1 – So for the first week, you need a writing implementation, something that can make a mark on a page, you could dip a twig in ink, use a pen, pencil, chalk, charcoal, markers, paint, collage, assemblage, engrave.  The point is it doesn’t matter what you use but you must make a mark on pages in a brand new notebook.  Now the notebook is important, you have to love it and want to work in it.  You could make a notebook, cover an old book from a second shop in gesso primer to make stiffer pages.  Here is what I will be using.

Step 2 – Write down 30 words in your new book.  Pick words that mean something to you, or that you are drawn to.  I was recently in New York City and I found the Flatiron Building to be something that really spoke to me in a way I cannot describe in but a few words, some of mine are angles, shapes, perception, perspective.  Next week I will share the results of this experiment and use the #IvBnCrafting so I can share yours too.