Visual Diary – Week 1

Step 1 – So for the first week, you need a writing implementation, something that can make a mark on a page, you could dip a twig in ink, use a pen, pencil, chalk, charcoal, markers, paint, collage, assemblage, engrave.  The point is it doesn’t matter what you use but you must make a mark on pages in a brand new notebook.  Now the notebook is important, you have to love it and want to work in it.  You could make a notebook, cover an old book from a second shop in gesso primer to make stiffer pages.  Here is what I will be using.

Step 2 – Write down 30 words in your new book.  Pick words that mean something to you, or that you are drawn to.  I was recently in New York City and I found the Flatiron Building to be something that really spoke to me in a way I cannot describe in but a few words, some of mine are angles, shapes, perception, perspective.  Next week I will share the results of this experiment and use the #IvBnCrafting so I can share yours too.


Creating a Visual Diary

2016 marks the launch of the #ivbncrafting community of makers, doers, crafters.

The intent is to develop your own visual diary using a set structure that is updated weekly, you can tag your work using the #IvBnCrafting across social media – (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest).  The best things I have ever made came from developing intricate visual diaries, and the most creative ideas have come from the juxtaposition of these diary entries.  They are a wonderful thing to be able to look back on and can be incredibly inspiring.  Ahead of each week you will know the basic materials you need if you want to follow exactly, however this is not constrained, I generally tend to work on the fly a bit and allow what happens to happen.

This is a welcome into my creating world as I believe anybody can create under the right circumstances and for me it is a motivation to know that I am working along side people.  On the other side I do plan to concurrently develop my drawing skills from 1/10 with A Drawing A Day, it is easy to share beautiful work, not so easy to share developing the beautiful work, there is a vulnerability in letting it all hang out, good and bad.

Have you been crafting, use the hashtag #IvBnCrafting.